T-Refugee Project

T-Refugee Project supports transgender refugees

T-Refugee Project is a support group for transgender refugees. We support refugees individually and act to change the asylum laws and practices in Denmark for the better. We urge the Danish authorities to recognize transgender as a reason for asylum and we demand that Denmark starts following the UN Resolutions and the major part of EU countries in this aspect.

Deportation: Fernanda Milan was to be deported to Guatemala 17. Sep. 2012
After the T-Refugee group made the case public and put pressure on the Danish Refugee Board and the Danish Ministry of Justice, the case is now reopened. The final decision about asylum for Fernanda will be made in the autumn 2012.
Read about the case of Fernanda Milan, who is faced with deportation to Guatemala – a country that is extremely dangerous for trans people and political activists.

Save_Fernanda_PHOTO_Mette_Kramer_Kristensen_webPHOTO Mette Kramer Kristensen

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